• Make a Clear Decision

    Make a Clear Decision

    The same is true with engagement and relationships. “Oh, you’re with me now because you see I bring something to the table that you need.” Women are not stupid & for the women playing games, men made the game 1st. And they play it well–until the game flips.

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  • Lebron James Together

    Hard Work, Together!

    We got to do it for them! We have to do it for Cleveland, they are waiting on us! Every single night, every single practice we have to give it all we got, because they going to ride with us. We owe them, we going to grind for this city. They going to support us but we got to give it all back to them. 1,2,3, hard work! 4,5,6, together! Together! Together! Together!

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  • unclear expectations

    The Silent Killer in Relationships: Unclear Expectations

    Expectations aren’t always a bad thing; it just becomes a difficult when they aren’t discussed in advance or there haven’t been any clarity between two people. This plays huge in marriage and relationships. The first question we should ask once a relationship starts to get serious is what are your expectations of me in this relationship? Now this is where the rubber meets the road because both parties should now have a mutual agreement to see if those expectations are realistic and applicable

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  • Are You Marrying Based on Potential?

    Are You Marrying Based on Potential?

    “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death” -Prov. 14:12 JaMarcus Russell, Tim Couch, David Carr, Courtney Brown, Ryan Leaf.

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  • Wisdom in Dating

    WISDOM in Dating

    If you are dating someone, get to know their habits before you say “I do.” Take the time to study their habits and see how they operate under adversity. Do

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3 reasons why you remain his girlfriend not his wife

Three reasons why you remain his girlfriend not his wife

Can I be honest with you? A man may not marry someone who’s made a name for herself through some sexual act that everyone knows about. That “everyone” is the people he’s in close proximity to such as friends, coworkers and family members. There is an exception to every rule, but why take the chance? This is one small reason why it’s important to keep yourself sexually pure until marriage

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The Single Woman and The Waiting Process

The Single Woman and the Waiting Process

Let’s be real, we live in a microwave society where we want everything now. We want to live our dream now, we want the million dollars now, and we want the marriage now. In order to get the things we desire there must be a waiting season. A season where God wants us to build character, integrity and grace for others; the problem arrives when a woman might get a good man but she haven’t taken care of her own issues therefore overlooking what she might have in front of her. Sometimes she’s too busy trying to detach from a past relationship when the man she desire is waiting.

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