3 Reasons a Wife Would Show Lack of Respect to Her Husband

3 Reasons a Wife Would Show Lack of Respect to Her Husband

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So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband -Eph. 5:33

Why would a wife show a lack of respect to her husband? I believe the majority of God-fearing wives try their best to operate in submitting to her husband and respecting him. When married, over the course of time life happens, bills need to be paid, the birth of children, jobs and in laws start to affect our marriage. As the head of our home men have a huge responsibility to the topics mentioned in the previous sentence.

Sometimes a newlywed wife can go to the extreme and put all the responsibility on her husband making him to be someone that he can’t (her everything) only Jesus can be your everything. If your husband fulfilled your every need, why would you need Jesus? Wives have give their husbands space to be human. Let’s look at three reasons why a wife would show a lack of respect to her husband:

1.) Bad Decision Making (From Him) on a Continual Basis:  Most men are goal driven and ambitious when it comes to work or being an entrepreneur. In that process decisions has to be made but at what expense? It’s easier to take risks as a single man, but when he has a family he has to be more cautious because women need financial security and when she feel that being threatened it can cause her to act out of character. She can lose respect for her husband because he’s made too many bad business decisions or risked his family financial situation by quitting his job with no income coming in. She start to lose respect for you when you have a track record of bad decision-making (not hearing from God).  


2.) She Feels He Doesn’t Have Her Best Interest:  As a man, do you mostly make decisions that will only benefit you? For example, do you buy things for yourself when there need to be repairs done around the home? Do you purchase things without letting her know? Are you putting money to the side for yourself and she’s not aware? Do you put your needs above hers and the kids? When men make selfish decisions like the ones mentioned above, she will feel like you don’t have her best interest. That’s when the respect level for the man goes down because she feel if you are the leader of the home, take care of those who God has entrusted you with.

3.) She Doesn’t Know What Respecting a Man Look Like:  What if I told you she doesn’t know what respecting a man look like? Maybe she grew up in a home where her dad was passive and her mom was the decision maker. If she grew up in that environment, she has to be reprogrammed by the word of God and as a husband, do everything in your power to be a respectful man to her. 

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