5 Spousal Qualities That Contribute To Millionaire Success

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How do you handle the “storms” in life without giving up, especially when giving up appears to be the best option? Quitting is easy because you can drop everything you are doing with your life right then and there. The act of quitting can take many forms:


  • A single mom may abandon her children to go somewhere else and “start over.”
  •  The gentleman who grows tired of rejection and being told “you’re too nice” may begin to abuse women.
  • The teenager who fails to make the basketball team two years in a row won’t even consider trying out for a third time because mentally they’ve been cut from the team already.


Because we are responsible for making sound decisions for ourselves and those close to us, we must not quit when things go south.  In Steven Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People he states, “Look at the word responsibility-“response-ability” –the ability to choose your response.” We have the ability to respond when problems come our way.  How do you and your spouse respond when problems arise? Do you trust God with your situation knowing that He has your back?  Are you willing to make some sacrifices until you get to your wealthy place? Does your spouse stand strong in the midst of adversity or do they crumble under pressure? Husbands, women need security, so how does your wife respond when you move forward with the vision that God gives you?  Does she want you to step out on faith and start the business?  You know what your spouse can and can’t do without.


In The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley he lists the top five spousal qualities that contributed to millionaires’ successful marriages:






Married women, you are a huge part of your family’s success if you are willing to be a part of the vision. I know there are some married couples who have two different visions in one household:  his vision and her vision. Some women feel that they lose their identity if they “submit” to their husband’s vision.


Married men, sometimes your wife is waiting on you to go forth with the vision but you’re too comfortable at your current job. Once I was visiting a couples’ home and the husband was sharing with me his vision and I thought it was a very good idea.  While we all were sitting in the kitchen later that night I asked his wife, “Has he told you about his new idea?”  She replied, “Yeah, he told me and I am waiting on him to go for it.”  Can you imagine that? His wife was waiting on him to go forth with the vision; however I believe he was comfortable with his current job.  He was making good money and had good insurance, so why would he want to step out?

I believe God want us to live the abundant life that is spoken about in John 10:10: “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.”  It’s a powerful thing when a married couple can agree on the same vision.  As for me, I was tired of working a regular job everyday just to pay the bills and keep a roof over my family’s head.  Some people are content with getting up every morning, going to the same job, and picking up the same check every two weeks for the rest of their lives (while expecting something to change).  But I realized that in order to get something you’ve never had before you have to do something you’ve never done. What is it that you’ve never done before that may be required in order to obtain different results in your life?




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