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On Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 9:00AM I was involved in a very tragic and traumatic car accident. I will spare you the gruesome, “Nascar-Ish” details that “should have taken my life,” that a few people know about and have seen pictures of, according to the 1st responders. Their quote was: “No one EVER survives THAT kind of guard rail. We saw your car headed to flip over in the air!” No one was in the car with me except the One who was always with me-JESUS.

I remember praying for my family, my church, you and your families and churches until I blanked out. I remember being in shock and begging them to just take me to church over and over. My Pastors, Frank Policastro and Merry Beth Policastro as well as those who immediately found out pre-service and post trauma unit as well as myself are keenly aware that it was a spiritual attack against my life. In those moments the only thing I can remember is asking God within myself: Will everyone be ok? How will they know that I love them? Today you are ok and now you know that I did and do love you.

I am taking a social media sabbatical and in that time for however the Lord wills; it is my prayer that as I heal and recover–you will keep forward in the TRUTH of GOD’S WORD. That in times of uncertainty you will not lean on your own understanding; but that you will always acknowledge God and let HIM direct your paths. Stay in prayer. Stay in Worship. Know that no battle belongs to you and that because of the Blood of Jesus; you are covered and you have a testimony too. Wait and tell it from FULL VICTORY so that whom you help, sees God’s Strength in you.

Don’t be swayed by every wind of doctrine. Run everything by the Word. There will be massive changes taking place this year. Stay behind the Cross. Guard your gates and your covenant relationships. Don’t give in to fear tactics from the enemy and know who you belong to. IF you have been given a REAL Prophetic Word of Caution: Heed that thing. That’s God loving on you. Don’t let your flesh fight you. Your future that you can’t see right now in full depends on your obedience today.

I wasn’t going to talk about this at all. Today, I made a decision to “interject assumptions” with the truth. To every Pastor, Ministry and Person that has prayed me through up to this point; countless to name but a faithful few, and are STILL interceding; just know that I appreciate you as an Intercessor and a Child of God. In this life; you WILL take hits and quite often those hits are not about you. Sometimes they are interceptions caught for someone else.

My prayer is that we all return back to the basics of why we are here and the 1st thing God told us to do before anything extra got in the way and that where there are offenses that a release will come. No day is promised… 21 days out: I am a Living Witness and a Miracle and for that I am eternally grateful to GOD, and yet; I am very concerned about the things and the people we often take for granted. I am concerned for the self-promotion. I am concerned for the “Me, My and I.” I am concerned for those who are looked over and forgotten. I am concerned for the lengths people will go to just to remain relevant-even if that relevance is negative. I am concerned for the drawing of attention to oneself rather than giving God the glory.

The things I am concerned about have a promised attached: God will perfect that which concerns me.

Don’t allow bitterness, fear, the foot of pride, malice, envy, strife, tale-bearing, hatred, lasciviousness, chaos, drama, lies and anything else that doesn’t bring a good report take residence with you. Right now as you read this you have already heard from God what you need to do to go back to when you 1st believed and start over. Some will not heed this word. Some will overlook it. Some will continue in ways that are not pleasing to God. Don’t judge them. Pray for them. For it was God that said: “I am not willing that ANY perish, but ALL come to repentance.

For those of you who have followed me on Twitter since 2009, you are very aware of the changes that have taken place; both the good and the bad. You are aware of the unnecessary trials that so many of us have gone through at the hands of a few. You are also aware of what prayer will do. Don’t let religious folks tear down your relationships. And learn to gracefully let go and embrace this and every brand new day!

I leave you with this question: Have you changed social media or has social media changed you?  Whatever the case-you still have an opportunity to re-locate your authentic you. You still have an opportunity to not let the wrong things change you. You still have an opportunity to make things right. You still have an opportunity to help someone else. You still have an opportunity to finish what you started as God completes what He started in you. You still have a CHANCE! If you are alive—take advantage of your “alive-ness.” Bless God for those benefits that are loaded upon us daily. The interesting thing about that is we don’t fully know what those benefits are. For one it may be breath. For another it may be a bill paid. While for others it may be restoration and recovery in all that was lost. God really is for us. Our job is to move out of His way and to avoid self-sabotage.

Some of you God has allowed to be put in a pit forgotten by the ones who placed you there—It’s not just because you’re headed to the Palace… God has you in “witness protection.” And if He has to let the “cup-bearer” forget you for a minute–that means it’s not time because the need for your gift hasn’t been expressed yet & it’s a time that God is giving you to clear your heart and solo-focus on Him. When you are called up and out and you will be; go humbly. Go in honesty. And Go Hanging on to Jesus. He loves you more than anything and anyone and its Him loving on you that will help you genuinely love on others-especially those He has fore-called you to. Celebrate each other’s successes–that’s the Hand of God. That’s the skill-set He has given them. Say “Thank you.” Say “You’re Welcome,” “Say “I appreciate you.” Say “I’m sorry.” Say…,,something that signals to each other that as Billy Graham said: As Christians, we may not have all the answers; but we are concerned about the questions.” Our “Titles” will always be “Under Construction.” Build intentionally but build with love. Things are no longer the same. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Every time I see a Sparrow; I know why the caged bird sings. Be Free Today. Free to start over and Free to be you.


Natasha Stevens

Natasha Stevens is a writer who has ghostwritten books for many leaders in both ministry & business. Natasha serves as an Ambassador for Girl Rising, a global platform that uses storytelling to inspire girls around the world to get an education and celebrates those who are overcoming obstacles to become the great girl leaders they were born to be. Having traveled and lived abroad for study and missions, she has garnered the respect of some of the top Universities and Prep Schools both in the United States and abroad, as well as Outreach Ministries. She is the Executive Director of Creative Content at where she assists current and aspiring filmmakers in procuring financing for film and television projects. Natasha has a heart for women’s ministry as well as youth education, counseling & missions.