Are We Hooked on Dysfunction?

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tvSure you heard of these shows right? Reality T.V. what do you think of it? Me personally I don’t watch it simply because of the dysfunction. You know all the popular reality shows;  I can’t deal with the content or the language. I guess the question is we (Christians) hooked on reality television? If you watch those shows I don’t knock you, but do you watch it for the entertainment value? (Which promotes dysfunction) or simply because you need the television on to do your daily duties around your home?

I guess I’m more worried about our children who will watch what we watch. If they grow up watching the dysfunctional reality shows they will think it’s normal to behave in that type of manner.

Psalms 101:2-3 says “I will lead a life of integrity in my own home I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar

Hey, I’m not trying to run your home that’s between God and you. Let the spirit convict you on this matter. If there’s a wholesome edifying show that comes on the ratings will low based on television taking dysfunction to another level. Admit it; reality T.V. can be addictive because of the wow factor. I was once hooked on a reality T.V. show but after I watched the show after a while I will feel convicted because the show was totally against what God stood for. I began to think when my daughter would walk in the room I don’t want her to say “my dad watch these kind of shows, so why can’t I watch them?”

All I’m saying is these shows are the norm and we must do a better job of what we watch in our homes. God is watching and our children also. The less we watch it, the lower the ratings, the shows will begin to go off the air. We don’t want to promote dysfunction, let alone if the parent is living a reality t.v. show in front of their children. Then when children repeat the behavior, we as parents wonder where these habits come from…

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