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Are You Leaving Your Team to Test The Market?

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We all heard the news about NBA Superstar Power Forward Kevin Durant leaving The Oklahoma City Thunder to join The Golden State Warriors.  Most people were shocked that he would make such a move. Why?

The Warriors already had the best regular season record in NBA history (73-9) and loaded with talent. From Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, this team is still considered great although they lost to my Cleveland Cavaliers (I was born and raised in Cleveland) in the NBA Finals.

What does Kevin Durant do to The Oklahoma City Thunder? He leaves his team to test the market. He could have played for any team he wanted, but in my opinion, he joined The Warriors because it was the easy way out.

Stay with me, I’ll get to my point in a minute. This plays directly into marriage and relationships.

When Durant left The Thunder, it wasn’t like they were a sorry team. They weren’t years away from winning a championship (they lost to The Warriors in the conference finals). When you have a teammate like Russell Westbrook on your team, you want to stick with him (I’ll talk more about later). Plus, you are a superstar! Why not stick it out and make the relationship work?

I guess that’s the way relationships work today. We put a little effort when adversity strikes and when the going gets too tough, we leave our team to test the market. What do I mean by that? When we get tired of a relationship because things don’t go the way we want them to, we start to test the market. When we do that, we want to play for the best team available (the younger woman or the man that pays you attention at work) not build with what we already have.

Well, it’s kind of hard to build a foundation with someone when relationships don’t last.

Think about NBA Basketball in the 80’s and early 90’s. Great players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas, and Michael Jordan didn’t leave their respected teams because it got tough in the playoffs. They kept playing the same teams during the playoffs until they defeated their opponents. None of the aforementioned names tested the market because it got tough during playoff season.

Are there striking similarities between the NBA players today and why so many relationships last as long as a vapor in the air? Isn’t that the way we want our relationships? Give me the best person possible where I don’t have to do anything. They can fulfill all my needs and take care of me financially while I play the background.

Some people have a Russell Westbrook (the one you are currently dating or married to) on their team already. They don’t want to build with that person anymore because “things got tough.” Or better yet, let me test the market so I can jump on something that’s already established. Some of us are never content building with the All-Star you already have because you don’t want to “fight to win it all with the same person anymore.”

I believe victories are better when you fight with the same person through adversity. If you dated or married to someone who has it all before you got with them, there’s still a sense of emptiness within because you didn’t build with them. You are expected to be happy because you didn’t have to do anything.

Have you considered this NBA Championship means more to LeBron James in Cleveland, than when he played in Miami? Why? Because he took some losses in Cleveland and had to fight through adversity. When The Big 3 played in Miami (James, Bosh, and Wade) winning a Championship was just about handed to them.

So, my question to you is this. Are you willing to stay on the same team and keep fighting together until you win a championship, or leave your team (current relationship, marriage, and kids) to test the market?


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