Can your significant other have access to your phone

Can Your Significant Other Have Access to Your Phone?

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If you are looking for something you will find it -Anonymous

Who would have ever thought we would address a topic such as this? In today’s age of technology our phones have literally become a part of us. How many of you would leave home without your phone? Would you be late to work for the sake of forgetting your phone at home, then have to turn around and get it?

How many numbers do you remember by heart? Don’t let us get a new phone without saved numbers. When someone call us and we haven’t saved their number with a first name….forget it.

Since our phones have become such an attachment to us, some of our most personal information is stored there such as text messages and pictures. There’s even an unwritten code that when someone show you a picture through their phone, you STAY on that picture.

No swiping left or right just stay on the picture they allowed us to see. Our phones have now become our personal diary.

When people had a diary, it came with a key. In other words this is top secret information. In this diary my heart bleeds on paper. If you read my diary, you will see who’s behind the mask. Well the same thing applies to our phone.

We now have passwords and matching fingerprints in order to open our heart…I mean phone.

So, should we have passwords and matching fingerprints in order to call someone? To see who’s in our contact database? To see a picture? Maybe a text message? Let’s not forget in order to have a healthy relationship there must be trust.

Just like a closed door, yellow tape, or a safe at a bank, it tells the person on the outside “do not enter.” There’s only “certain people” who can enter this private space. If your spouse or significant other can’t open the safe, the door, or cross the yellow tape, curiosity has now entered their mind.

If you do have something to hide, I suggest you get rid of it now. That very app, text message, picture, or voice mail can be ruining your relationship. Just like the one who cheated on their significant other or committed adultery on their spouse, if they want to mend the relationship, they must earn the other party’s trust again. Earning someone’s trust again can take a long time.

However, there are people who’s been cheated on in a past relationship and they don’t trust anyone. Some people are nosey for the sake of being nosey. As I quoted in the beginning of this blog, the old folks would say, “if you are looking for something, you will find it.” Unfortunately some like to have control over other people’s lives. Ever wonder why The Police “Every Breath You Take” is a classic?

If you have nothing to hide, give your spouse or significant other the password to your phone. In today’s society giving someone your password says, “I love you and have nothing to hide. You can scroll through the pages of my diary.”

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