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Is your marriage stale? Here are some tips to get your marriage going again as if it was your honeymoon

  • You Can be Married and Lonely!

    Because they thought marriage would be better than this! We supposed to live happily ever after, right? Let me tell you this, marriage takes work and if you aren’t intentional about your marriage on a regular basis, you can find yourself married and lonely.

  • Which Ring Are You Wearing?

    Men need to hear other Christian men have shortcomings because it levels the playing field. It’s easy to lose men attention when men put themselves on a pedestal like they have arrived. Even the Apostle Paul was transparent about his shortcomings!

  • The Best Way to Lose Your Spouse

    The best way to lose your husband is to talk to him in a disrespectful way, (especially in public). Maybe the ways in which you talk to him seem normal to you because that's the way you heard your mom speak to your dad and you wonder why dad was silent. Take the time to ask your husband about the way you talk to him. You will be surprised what he tells you.

  • Any given sunday

    Any Given Sunday

    I've been married to the same woman for thirteen years now, and life happens. Within the thirteen years of our marriage, my wife lost her mom to cancer in 2012 and I lost my father in 2007 from a stroke.

  • Lebron James Together

    Hard Work, Together!

    We got to do it for them! We have to do it for Cleveland, they are waiting on us! Every single night, every single practice we have to give it all we got, because they going to ride with us. We owe them, we going to grind for this city. They going to support us but we got to give it all back to them. 1,2,3, hard work! 4,5,6, together! Together! Together! Together!

  • Three Things Your Marriage Can Learn From The San Antonio Spurs

    Three Things Your Marriage Can Learn From The San Antonio Spurs

    Can you imagine fighting all season long to make it to the championship and find out you are facing the team that beat you last year? What happens when most marriages keep running into the same problems year after year? They give up and the marriage becomes another statistic for divorce. After last season championship loss San Antonio could have broken up the team, and I could see why. What made them come back again as the same team from last year to endure an arduous eighty two game season? Let alone the playoffs, maybe the Finals?

  • How A Husband Can Keep His Wife Happy

    Whatever that “It” is do it ahead of time and fight past the emotions just to save some peace in your home. Why is it that when we want a favor from our spouse or we want to “butter them up” we think about everything they like and we do it for them ahead of time? We are setting the atmosphere hoping that it will be the catalyst to get what we are asking from our spouse.

  • The Husband Servant Leader

    There are great pastors who teach life changing sermons before thousands. But, what about the single man or husband who sits in the congregation Sunday after Sunday and has questions to ask the pastor about his personal struggles and there is a line of fifteen people who want to talk to the pastor as well? Most pastors’ time is very limited to talk to all the men in the congregation. This is why it’s important for the pastor to disciple his leadership, then the leadership can disciple the congregation of men individually.