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Some of the things women go through that need to be discussed in relationships

  • Three reasons why you remain his girlfriend not his wife

    3 reasons why you remain his girlfriend not his wife

    Can I be honest with you? A man may not marry someone who’s made a name for herself through some sexual act that everyone knows about. That “everyone” is the people he’s in close proximity to such as friends, coworkers and family members. There is an exception to every rule, but why take the chance? This is one small reason why it’s important to keep yourself sexually pure until marriage

  • The Single Woman and the Waiting Process

    The Single Woman and The Waiting Process

    Let’s be real, we live in a microwave society where we want everything now. We want to live our dream now, we want the million dollars now, and we want the marriage now. In order to get the things we desire there must be a waiting season. A season where God wants us to build character, integrity and grace for others; the problem arrives when a woman might get a good man but she haven’t taken care of her own issues therefore overlooking what she might have in front of her. Sometimes she’s too busy trying to detach from a past relationship when the man she desire is waiting.

  • It’s Labor-But it Doesn’t Have to be Laborious!

    Holistically effective means that with your trust in The Lord, you are secure and confident in your field of work, the way you take care of yourself, the way your home is cleaned, the way your car is cleaned, the way you handle yourself in public as well as the way you carry yourself in church. All of who you are will affect all of what you do. Work on the "who you are" part so that the "what you do is a genuine extension of you. It's so much less exhausting when you don't have to "work" on "work."

  • A Wife in Waiting: The Journey of a Single Woman

    Men require respect, yes, but all men appreciate peace. Are your emotions all over the place? You need to spend time in God's presence to tap into and obtain that peace that only He gives and that Jesus left as an inheritance. Men go through enough hell every day that you may not hear about because it is in their nature to fix things. They don't want to come home to hell. Begin to find a way through prayer, study of the Word and if need be, counseling to be at peace with who you are, have enough discernment to know when your future husband needs peace and find ways to create that peace for him. He should never sit in the driveway on the phone with someone else who is more peaceable than you.

  • Should a wife turn her husband down for sex

    Should a Wife Turn Her Husband Down For Sex?

    If you read the scripture above then you got your answer. However, there is practicality that goes with it. I don't want my women readers to think that men are barbaric and she should "give it up" upon his request. That kind of behavior is not Christ-like at all and whoever teaches that, shame on him.