Communication is key when applications are locked

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Communication is key when applications are locked
We live in a world where communication comes in the form of email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter, but is anyone being heard on the social network sites?

Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing –Prov. 12:18

We live in a world where communication comes in the form of email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter, but is anyone being heard on the social network sites? Communication is key when applications are locked. In other words, we still need good old face to face communication even when our apps aren’t working. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of texting and email, but it’s easy to blame someone for not returning your email or not responding instantly to a message. We are quick to tell someone “you didn’t get the message? I emailed you this morning and sent you a text message after that.” The unfortunate thing about using this type of communication on a regular basis is the one receiving the messages might have questions or misinterpret the email.

Although I am in my mid-thirties I am kind of old-school when it comes to communication. I think we can use wisdom when we want to communicate to others by simply calling the one we want to talk to. Talking to someone on the phone or face to face helps deepen relationships because it shows we take the time and value that person. We can use Face time and Skype to talk to people around the world. Let’s look at the difference in using emails, instant messages, or texts when we need to address important matters. Would you like an email or text message when it comes to the following scenarios?

  • Being fired from a job?
  • Asking if one will be their boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Someone just passed away?
  • Someone asking you for a loan of money?
  • Your child asking to go on a date with someone you haven’t met?

See how important it is to get more detail, body language, or facial expressions when dealing with important matters like these? Use wisdom and take the time to call or ask face to face. I once worked with a person who was fired via email. Do you think that’s fair to the one who was fired regardless of the circumstances? That employee deserved more of an explanation than an email or text message. Although texting and emails are wonderful tools, take the time to simply pick up the phone or simply meet and have a conversation. One reason our business have grown is taking one on one time with those who invest and value what we provide.

Why does Barbara Walters get paid the big bucks? Because anybody can talk to her about just anything. She is the most approachable news person in America –John Maxwell “Winning with People”

Here is something to consider since we are addressing communication. Are you approachable to others or do you walk around looking as if there was a lemon glued to the bottom of your tongue?  Your social media avatar shows a picture of you smiling, so why does your countenance change in person? If one is unapproachable, think about how much information could be kept away from that person because we use insight and know how that person will react to certain kinds of news. If one has a track record of lashing out or breaking things because of some bad news, it shows a sign of immaturity. Look at Barbara Walters for instance, who is it she didn’t interview? From Russia’s Boris Yeltsin, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, UK’s Margret Thatcher to Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Obama. It amazes me how Barbara Walters has that much access to powerful people around the world! I believe one reason why is because she’s approachable. Before one decides to take a leadership role or have influence with others look in the mirror and ask yourself “am I approachable?”

When a relationship is having issues being approachable is vital.  The one who needs to approach you will let you know everything in detail because they feel they can approach you and tell you the truth. There are some times when we do explode from hearing bad news or someone we had a lot of confidence in let us down. Nevertheless, as I said before, one shouldn’t be known for flying off the handle when things don’t go according to our plans.

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