Cut the Fat!

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Cut the fat picYes I said it!  Cut the fat!  We tend to sugar coat the actions we need to improve upon because it hurts.  But that is the point right?!  If we need to improve then change will be uncomfortable and inevitable.  We aren’t where we need to be and that doesn’t feel good.  Broccoli is good for you and but putting tons of cheese on it doesn’t help your digestive system.  So let’s dive in and cut the fat!




I want you to have a reality check.  Here is where you add up all of your expenses for a given month by category and face it with big boy/girl pants on!  I worked with a client who added up their spending on dining out for one month and it was over $2000! For a family of 4!  She was shocked and so was I!  Upon further investigation I found out that they eat entirely organic.  I also found out that some of their food went bad before they could eat the leftovers.  What got me excited about working with them is that they had dreams and goals.  They were serious about making changes so their futures could be brighter.  That is fertile ground for financial success!


Cutting the Fat involves a few steps:

  1. Decide what your goal is and important it is.
  2. Be specific with when you’d like to have the goal accomplished.
  3. Get honest with yourself and have a reality check.  Add up all of your expenses by category.
  4. Review where you have been overspending.
  5. Determine which categories you will adjust and by how much.
  6. Use cash for each of those categories.
  7. Track your progress monthly.

No one enjoys cutting the fat but everyone enjoys the reward and satisfaction of a goal accomplished.  The sacrifice is always worth the end result.  What will your sacrifice be?

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