Escape routes: when God harden the hearts of those he want out your life

Escape Routes: When God Harden Hearts of Those He Want Out Your Life

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But I will make Pharaoh’s heart stubborn so I can multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in the land of Egypt –Exodus 7:3

Why would God harden Pharaoh Heart and make it stubborn? So He can show His people His power (signs and wonders) during uncertain times. I know Moses was thinking “God, why would you make the Pharaoh heart stubborn!? I really don’t want to do this assignment in the first place.” If God had not made Pharaoh Heart stubborn, then the children of Israel trip through the wilderness would have been a cake walk. But there were some things God wanted to purge from the children of Israel like their Egyptian way of thinking and being in bondage for so long. Sometimes God will allow our situation to get so bad that when He brings us out we know it was only Him who was able to do it. In that process He wants to purge us from some toxic thoughts and self-destructive patterns.

In life we get in stagnant relationships (people we come in contact with and associate with over time) that drain us and add no value to our life. Then there are the dating relationships we tend to get into, although we know the relationship isn’t going anywhere, tend to get comfortable and over time the relationships does more hurt than help.

Since God is the loving Father that He is, He will cause those people heart to be stubborn and harden towards us and do something contrary that will sever the relationship. For example:

-Break off the relationship by simply saying “I’m no longer in love with you”

-A business deal gone bad

-Friends who compromise their integrity

Sometimes we try to hold on to people longer than God desire us to be with. Some people are seasonal, others are long-term and some are sent to be a blessing to your life. Some of us can’t imagine life without some of these people and sometimes put them above God because they have done so much for us. So God removes them and let us know that He is our source. And just like God telling Moses about making Pharaoh Heart stubborn so He can multiply miraculous signs and wonders, God will do that in our life if we trust Him.

There are people we dated and gave away too much too soon by living together and not married, shared bank accounts, having sex and birthing children together.  If you don’t have the strength to walk away sometimes God will harden that person heart against you. Although it will cause you hurt and pain, God is doing it for your good. So when people walk out of your life don’t chase them. God is giving you an escape route!



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