Got Confidence?

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Every Quarter I take the time to reflect on the sessions I’ve had, clients I’ve served, people I’ve helped & interviewed. One of the most common themes I’ve seen recently in the women I’ve encountered is….CONFIDENCE or lack thereof. 😕

Ironically, it doesn’t matter if they are a stay-at-home mom or a SEVEN figure business mogul, I’m seeing the same tears running down these beautiful faces.

Somewhere along the way we’ve been taught that we simply aren’t enough. I’ve also noticed that this isn’t specific to Women of Color either. This “perspective” is cancer that is spreading even to our preadolescent daughters, obsessing over being desirable with behaviors that are indicative of the need for this validation externally.

But the irony runs deeper. In all my sessions/interviews with men, one of the things they are MOST attracted to is a Confident Woman. A woman who understand her worth, not just in speech but in actions. The ones who aren’t what I described above.

Ladies, YOU are more than you can ever imagine. YOU are beautifully crafted, created to do things that only can be done by you. You have the power to heal & speak LIFE into existence, literally or symbolically. You HAVE to know that! A woman who walks in her gift of Femininity (different than feminism) has an energy that is undeniable felt and lingers even in her absence.

Any man who has experienced such a woman can confirm. Although some women understand this gift and have used it to tear down instead of build up, most do not as they simply don’t even recognize it exists within them.

It’s time….time for us to wipe the tears from these beautiful faces and build each other up. Reteach what the essence of beauty is…what our standards should be. Reteach our girls/women that objectification doesn’t mean admiration. All attention isn’t good attention and most importantly we have to love God & ourselves first.

A confident woman is the Quintessence of Loveliness. Confidence in what God created us to be. Let’s rediscover this. YOU ARE A GIFT TO THE WORLD.

What is one thing women can do to build up their confidence? Leave a comment below & share!


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Meika Mashack

Rameika Phillips-Mashack is a highly regarded, well sought after skilled clinician due to her unique combination of intuitive interpersonal skills, relationship building insight, and experience in the athletic world. Although Rameika encompasses an impressive professional and academic background, her honest/direct approach and relatability makes her attractive to professionals and aspiring athletes at any level. She has helped develop professionals as well as athletes from a holistic perspective to achieve optimal results in business, athletics, and relationships while developing emotional fortitude. Rameika’s passion for overall work/life/relationship balance comes from being a Division One Collegiate athlete herself and being married to a former professional athlete. She witnessed firsthand, the critical need for skills such as effective communication, goal setting (time oriented & measurable), motivation/persistence, mental imagery and laser focus/concentration to name a few. Rameika has combined personal experience with the rigors of academia to inspire athletes to develop beyond their current level of performance. Ironically, Rameika quickly discovered such skills are directly transferrable to many life, career, and relationship challenges. Rameika’s unique background specifically bridges the gap between cognitive psychology, behavior, and performance. By virtue of the culmination of these dynamics, she has been highly successful in her tenure with her professional, player, and personal development clientele.