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Hard Work, Together!

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We got to do it for them! We have to do it for Cleveland, they are waiting on us! Every single night, every single practice we have to give it all we got, because they going to ride with us. We owe them, we going to grind for this city. They going to support us but we got to give it all back to them. 1,2,3, hard work! 4,5,6, together! Together! Together! Together! -LeBron James Nike Commercial

The moment I finished watching Lebron James latest Nike commercial, I was inspired! Since I teach on healthy relationships, I had to flip what Lebron said from basketball to relationships. One thing I noticed about Lebron since his return to Cleveland was his maturity, not only as a basketball player but a person. I believe most of his maturity came from losing twice in the NBA Finals as a member of the Miami Heat (although he won two titles in Miami).

The reason I pointed out his two NBA Final losses in Miami because upon arrival, he had a sense of arrogance and entitlement. Sometimes we can be the same way in our relationship when we have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Now that we have someone to call our own, we wonder why our friends aren’t in a relationship. Once we are married, we talk about how much sex we can have with our spouse, but might not be considerate of the single person who are listening to us and trying to save themselves for marriage.

Let’s be honest, marriage is hard work! And in order for a marriage to be sustained it takes us to work together! Most marriages start to drift apart when:

  • One person in the marriage putting in one hundred percent and the other spouse isn’t putting in anything. Yes you should extend grace, but too much sacrifice makes a stony heart.


  • We aren’t honest about the way we really feel about a certain situation. Sometimes people avoid confrontation because of the wear and tear it takes on the relationship. Although confrontation is sometimes necessary, we need to know when to pick our battles and when to fall back from a situation.


  • We take each other for granted. If you been married over ten years or more, sometimes we become content with our spouse. We see them everyday, we see their imperfections and flaws. Over the course of time we wonder where is the love? It’s because we don’t see our spouse in the light we used to see them when we first married. How did we get here? We stop putting in the work that made our spouse smile during the earlier stages of marriage.

How can we get back to martial bliss? We need to step outside our comfort zone and embrace the unknown. We need to get in a huddle with our spouse and repeat what Lebron said in the Nike commercial. 1, 2, 3, hard work! 4, 5, 6, together!

Majority of the time, we know what we need to do to make our marriage better. It’s a matter of being selfless and doing what’s best for the marriage and not our own selfish motive.

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