How to Give With No Strings Attached

How to Give With No Strings Attached

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My wife and I give, give, and give. We tithe (I’m not afraid to say it!) and we give from our hearts because we hate to see people struggle. If you give me something, but your gift comes with strings attached, then I don’t want it.


When you give with strings attached, you put people in bondage! Do you want people to be your slave all because you gave them something? If so, you’re not giving from a pure heart; you want to feel bigger and better than others. Remember: the borrower is slave to the lender. Just simply sow into people’s lives and let God bless you. Giving with strings attached will cause you to miss out; God has big blessings for those who give without expecting anything in return. The following are just a few of the things God has blessed me with because I give with no strings attached:


  • I received a 2000 Toyota Camry with rims, sunroof, and tinted windows (for free and with no car note) because a friend of mine told me that he was instructed by God to bless my family with the car.


  • I received a brand new Dell computer from a friend who told me that he needed a blessing from God.  Because of that need, he and his wife sowed into our lives.


  • A friend paid for my second book titled “It’s The Woman You Gave Me” to be published. And believe me when I say publishing a book is definitely not cheap.


Do you know why the rich are rich? Because they’re givers! Those in the middle-class continue to struggle financially because they refuse to give (or they give with strings attached).  Remember: If you don’t have it to give, then don’t give it. And what you give doesn’t always have to be money.  Your time is valuable as well.  But if you really want the blessings of God, give away something that you like…

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