How to Keep Stress Low in Your Home

How to Keep Stress Low in Your Home

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Many times women put responsibility and stress on themselves when it comes to work and their family. Men are more casual when it comes to helping out with the children’s homework and cooking. Times has changed because it takes two incomes to survive (depending how much one makes and the lifestyle the family’s lives) so the husband has to step up with chores around the house. Just like she works and we as men expect her to cook and take care of the children, we have to be more domestic around the home ourselves.

What about arguments? We can avoid arguments when we use wisdom. For example: If you know your wife nags about you taking out the trash, why don’t you do it ahead of time? See how this can prevent arguments? When we fall victim to the spirit of “I don’t feel like it” we must be willing to deal with the consequences. Some people wouldn’t care and would rather deal with the consequences.  They don’t want to feel as if their spouse has control over them by doing something ahead of time simply because it is a desire of their spouse. It’s not about control, but it can be a form of pride because you don’t want someone to have that kind of power over you. If your husband is a man of structure and order, why not fall in line with what he is asking?

Whatever that “It” is do it ahead of time and fight past the emotions just to save some peace in your home. Why is it that when we want a favor from our spouse or we want to “butter them up” we think about everything they like and we do it for them ahead of time?  We are setting the atmosphere hoping that it will be the catalyst to get what we are asking from our spouse. For example, a wife wants to go on a family vacation but her husband is putting a lot of hours in at work. She knows what he’s going to say but what is it she does? She fixes his favorite dinner and she wears something very enticing to his eyes. Why does she go through all that? Hoping he will say yes to go on the vacation by giving him what he likes. What if we do these things for our spouse with no strings attached and simply because we love them unconditionally?


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