How to Send Your Wife into a Frenzy in the Bedroom

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I knew this article would catch your attention! Are you wondering why it is so hard for your wife to climax? I know what you are thinking: If I try this technique or that technique then it will work. Sorry, stop reading cosmopolitan and men’s fitness to get your answers.

In order for her to climax, her mind needs to be clear and her “love tank” needs to be full. Orgasm for women starts in the morning by applying these tips consistently. Have you given her a compliment lately? Have you told her she is beautiful and you can’t live without her? Bought her some roses lately? Women are in their Forties and never had an orgasm because they felt that there was a lack of love by their Husband and was never able to climax. As a Husband us men have to remember that our Wives are totally different than us not only inside the bedroom but outside the bedroom as well.

Take some stress off your wife.  Take her to dinner or the movies, help out the kids with their homework as opposed to her doing it all the time. Help her fold the clothes when she’s washing. Make sure there is enough money in the account for her to pay the bills and she is not stressing about money. Sometimes, we all go through financial difficulties and bills alone shouldn’t stop her from experiencing one of the greatest gifts God gave in Marriage.

When you do these things regularly to your wife then your sex life will be awesome! Learn how to love her body, take the time to kiss over her whole body and make time for four play. Husband; don’t just get on top of her! Giving her what she desire first in the bedroom shows her that you’re thinking about her needs ahead of yours. Women are more likely to have orgasm when she knows you love her unconditionally and you have her heart and best interest of matters outside of the bedroom as well.

* Remember: Women are crock pots and men are microwaves. She needs to be warmed up and slowly cooked, for men just put us in for a couple of minutes and ding! We are done!




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