How to Stroke Your Husband’s Ego

How to Stroke Your Husband’s Ego

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Ladies, learning how to stroke your husband’s ego will work wonders for your marriage. No idea how to do it? Here are a couple of tips:

-Tell him he’s an awesome provider

Never let another woman tell your husband how great he is, that’s your job. You don’t have to tell him every day, but once a week will help. Even if he doesn’t make much money at the moment, acknowledge the fact that he is working and bringing home a paycheck. You confirming what he does for a living is powerful, because you don’t know how much he had to go through in order to make sure you’re taken care of.

-Pay attention to your physical appearance

Your husband has no other options; no more sleeping around and no more flirting with other women. You’re all he has now. Nothing makes a man feel better than having a confident woman who takes care of herself both mentally and physically. He’ll smile all day while the two of you are in public. Why? Because men are visual, and when other men look at you, your husband will be thinking, “Sorry my brotha, you gotta get your own!”

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-Second-guessing your husband and not trusting his decision making will have the opposite effect.

The goal here is to build him up, not tear him down. Never call him names or curse at him. Men hate to be belittled, especially by the women that they love. Some domestic abuse cases are the result of men who just could no longer take their woman’s constant disrespect. Have you ever asked him what kind of relationship his parents had when he was growing up? Maybe he saw his mother talk down to his father.  If so, your husband may not know how to handle you because you talk to him the same way his mother talked to his father.    Now I am in no way supporting domestic violence, but you know if you’re argumentative and won’t let your husband get a word in before you start calling him names. As a woman, you have the power to speak life or death to that man. Please choose your words carefully! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and share this with a friend. 




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