How to Understand The Mind of a Man

How to Understand The Mind of a Man

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I know what you are thinking as you read this article. Ok you are right, but there is so much more to us. When you have a better understanding of someone it helps make things easier for you and seeing the way people act. Also let me add that there are two different kinds of men. You have the man who fears God and the man who fears no one; the one who fears no one he believes that he is God and there are no consequences to his actions. I will talk about the man who fears God because believe most women will want that kind of man. (I know some ladies are fascinated with a thug and he thinks the world belongs to him and the two of you are Bonnie and Clyde)

First understand when a man marries you (if you don’t force him) he will do his best to provide for his family. The most effective man is a man who knows God will for his life and live out the vision. Most men are lost because they don’t know who they are and along their path they destroy everyone in their way leaving behind him a trail of abandoned children and emotionally scarred women. But when a real man marries a woman, in his mind he wants to give you the world because he knows it’s not about him anymore. As kids guys grew up watching superheroes and he want to be your superhero but life gets in the way sometimes. I have talked to hundreds of men and in their hearts they really want to be her superman.

Some men when growing up did not have that father figure to let him know who he was meant to be and to guide him in the right direction, as a result the men in the streets taught him what a man should be (don’t let a woman get close to your heart and sleep with as many women as possible). When he is not taught better he will not do better. The man from your past who done you wrong and used you, no one taught him better. He just knew what to do to make you think he was “the one.”

We are simple. The one reason women don’t understand us is because your mind is way too complicated and advanced to think on our simple level. Don’t over analyze our thoughts; he said what he said and there was nothing between the lines. If marriage is a newspaper the man will be the headliner and the woman will be the details. Stop frustrating yourself trying to think more about what your husband said and know that’s what he meant. This is not to say he should be inconsiderate of your feelings, but understand it’s hard for him to be as detailed as you.

Yes we are visual and sexual. Hey, it our makeup but it’s not an excuse for some of the shameful things a man does to other women or in secret. We think about sex regularly and when wives understand that in a healthy way, she provides that need for him. Just like women need words of affirmation or love and touch from a man, we are the same way with sex. He is less likely to cheat on her when she don’t use sex as a reward but knows that you are available to him on the regular.

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