Is Marriage Outdated?

Is Marriage Outdated?

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Is marriage outdated? The more I talk to single millennials, marriage is the last thing on their mind. Statistics show people today are getting married at an older age opposed to previous generations. Could it be singles today are turned off by marriage?

The divorce rate is dropping because people aren’t getting married like they used to. With many of us witnessing our parents divorcing or remember hearing more arguments from our parents than showing love and affection towards one another, can you blame them for being skeptical about marriage?

Many singles are “playing it safe” by living together instead of getting married. Living together without getting married doesn’t solve skipping marriage. The one you are living with is only using you for their benefit. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wanted to move out and wait until marriage, would you stay committed to them? Once they get tired of you or the relationship is no longer working, they are gone. No martial commitment, and they are onto the next relationship.

Some see having children and living together without getting married as the easy way to maintain a relationship. Also, it takes away the commitment factor when you have all the things that comes with marriage without getting married. Regardless if you have children with someone and living together, if you aren’t legally married, you are single.

Side note: Ladies, he should have his own place. By him living on his own will show you he has the ability to provide and show you responsibility.

I once talked to a co-worker who was considering marriage. She told me her biggest fear was getting a divorce like her parents and remembering the hurt and pain she dealt with as a younger lady. I told her she can’t go into a marriage thinking about divorce, but she still carried the scars from her parents past. She seen her father divorce three times!

There’s nothing wrong with being single. I believe the apostle Paul was for being single over marriage. Although marriage has it’s benefits (I believe the majority of Christian singles want to get married so sex will no longer be a sin) there’s so much more than having sex and someone to snuggle with on the couch watching Netflix.

I wish everyone were single, just as I am. Yet each person has a special gift from God, of one kind or another -1 Cor. 7:7

We live in a time where everyone is confused about their roles as men and women. Men want to be leaders but some don’t know what a leader look like or the responsibility of a leader. Women want to be protected and covered but want to show men they can wear the pants, bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan. With this much confusion between men and women, who wants to be married?

Back in the 50’s and 60’s marriage was a big deal! Times were much simpler back then because the lack of options like we have today. Want to hookup with an old flame? Find them on social media. Want to lust after a certain kind of woman? Just google it.

Is marriage outdated? No way! God created marriage starting in the garden between Adam and Eve. If the creator of the universe created marriage, why would we try to get away from it? Marriage is the foundation for a family. God’s divine order is man and woman gets married, then have children. If we keep having kids without getting married, our kids will have a distorted view of relationships and won’t know what it takes to maintain a marriage.

Let’s start thinking outside ourselves and think about the future of our children. If we aren’t setting the example, media will do it for them. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising to get your children to emulate the big pop star or movie star. Media want your children to spend money like these celebrities (even adults try to spend their hard-earned money to be like someone they idolize). not to mention the majority of your children aren’t working!

Being married myself, I feel it’s my God-given assignment to set the example for those who desire to marry. I understand you might be recovering from the divorce of your parents. You might have a negative outlook on marriage and all you hear about are the struggles of marriage. Just because you had one bad experience at a restaurant doesn’t mean you stop eating out altogether. The same applies to marriage.

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