It’s Already Tied, Now What? Soul Ties

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The blog I previously wrote on soul ties got so much attention, that people wanted me to write more on the topic. In the first blog, I wrote about the damage of soul ties and how it affects you from the inside out. Click here to read that blog first.

However, we do live in a fallen world and people fall prey to temptation (no one is immune to the struggle). Why it is so many people are shocked when Christians have premarital sex? Am I saying its ok? No. Am I saying there won’t be consequences for having premarital sex? No. We all have to give an account for what we do while on the earth.

Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God –Rom. 14:12

This blog is in no way to judge you if you are currently having premarital sex. If you are a woman and believe the only way to keep a man is to have sex with him, don’t fall for that lie! If he can’t wait for marriage to have sex with you, then you don’t need him. Realize that God made us sexual, but within the confines of marriage is the way to express sexual fulfillment.

Now, let’s talk about those who already had sex, repented, feel bad about it, but keep falling into the same cycle. Know that God’s grace is sufficient.

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. -2 Cor. 12:9

God can give you an escape route when temptation comes. The key to this is if you WANT to take that route. Sometimes we can be so bound in sexual sin that we don’t believe there is any way out, so we keep doing it.

I don’t care if you are reading this blog right now after having sex! Keep fighting; don’t give up knowing that you can be free from a soul tie. If God can deliver you from other sins you struggled with in the past, why can’t He deliver you from a soul tie?

Many Christians who had premarital sex (including me) don’t know who to talk to when we are bound to a soul tie. We feel we will be judged for confessing our sin one to another (especially if we hold a title in the Church) but, many people forget that though confession, you can be healed (James 5:16).

When will we admit that sex feels good? Many of us have the conviction that we know premarital sex is wrong, yet we keep chasing that feeling. Can I be honest with you? If sin didn’t feel good, who would do it? That’s the trick of the enemy; to make you feel good and the instant rush that comes with indulging in sexual sin.

Now that the souls are tied, what’s next? There are people who truly don’t know how to escape. Here are some practical steps that helped me when I was single. It took a lot of work (I’ve failed plenty of times, but when you become consistent, the fight for sexual purity becomes easier).

Is the person you’re having sex with remorseful? Do they want to do what’s right in the sight of God?

This is one that most people overlook. If they see nothing wrong with premarital sex, they will keep pressuring you to have sex when they get the urge. They will keep you away from God as much as possible, just to get their needs met.

Are you putting yourself in compromising positions?

I know you are grown, but maybe you should hang out with other couples while dating? My wife and I hung out with other couples when we dated because if we were left alone…

Being in public places also decreases the chance of having sex. You can only get away with so much in public before feeling embarrassed.  Wonder why you keep falling into sexual sin? Because most of your dates with your significant other are Netflix and chill nights. Remember, it’s ok to tell him/her they can’t stay late because you know what’s going to happen. Telling your significant other “no” doesn’t mean you are disrespecting them of love them any less, you are setting boundaries they should respect.

Whatever you stop feeding, you no longer have a craving for

Wonder why this soul tie, is hard to break? Because you keep having sex. Old habits die hard. You repent, then a week later back to the same struggle. Stop setting yourself up for failure. Nothing will change unless you do. Pray all you want but God not only want to see a change of heart but a change in action. Take it one day at a time and celebrate the small victories. God wants an abundant life for you!


Shon Hyneman

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