Love And Football

Love and Football the eBook is for the football fan who understands the game. There are parallels between football and relationships. Find out why communication is important off the field just as on the field (field of life). Why we must not give up on our spouse even when they drop the ball (mistakes), and singles, we haven’t forgot about you! The chapter entitled The Draft: Ladies, will you be his #1 Pick? Get your limited edition now.


Excellent book! Loved the flow, very easy to read and I loved the awesome parallel between relationships and football! Would definitely recommend this book to all who are married as well as those who wish to be married in future! – Author & Co Founder of Yielding Hearts Terry Scott

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-Who is in your ear that isn’t a part of the team on and off the field? That’s the noise you drown out #LoveAndFootball

-We can’t advance nor can we win unless we are working together #LoveAndFootball

-Too many marriages end in divorce because someone wasn’t dedicated to learning their Playbook (The Bible) #LoveAndFootball

-How can you want to marry a man or woman of God but you don’t read your Playbook (The Bible)? #LoveAndFootball

-You can’t be in sync with your potential spouse if they are studying the Bible and you aren’t #LoveAndFootball

-When I say a wife should protect her husband I’m speaking of protecting him mentally & sexually #LoveAndFootball