What it takes to be the head of your home

Men: What It Takes To Be the Head of Your Home

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Respect doesn’t have to announce itself; it just is. And men who truly are the heads of their households don’t demand respect, they command respect. It’s automatically given to them because of the way they carry themselves. A wife will be totally submitted to her husband when she knows that he has her best interest at heart and loves her unconditionally. As a woman, she needs the security of knowing that her husband won’t cheat on her or leave her. Men, giving your wife that security alone will keep your marriage healthy.

If you don’t know who you are as a man, then you’re lost and will be more prone to letting your wife lead. You may be working every day and helping to pay the bills, but on the inside you’re yearning to be the head of your household. However, your being passive will cause your wife to eventually step up and take the reins because you’re not carrying out your responsibilities. Sometimes women get frustrated when we men want the title but don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices.

Now women who refuse to let their husbands lead are out of God’s order (1Cor. 11:3), but believe it or not those same women will submit to their husbands if their husbands get in line with God’s plan for the marital relationship. Wives, if your husband is your “yes man” and frequently retreats to his man cave in silence, he’s lost. Respect him enough to let him take his rightful place in the home. And if you don’t respect your husband, why did you marry him in the first place?

Men, here are a few tips to use if you want to be the head of your home. Some of them might be uncomfortable, but they’re necessary if you want to lead. A true general not only looks out for his own interests, but he looks out for the best interests of the troops as well.

-Love her for who she is (Eph. 5:25)
I know you think she trips out sometimes, but don’t forget that she wasn’t always like that; maybe her unpleasant disposition is a result of the things you’ve put her through. You married her, so love her with the love of Jesus and watch her change before your very eyes.

-Be responsible
Provide for your family. Effort is everything, so don’t just sit there, do something!

-Have a vision for your family
Where do you want your family to be next year, or even five years from now? Write the vision for your family and make it plain to them (Hab. 2:2). Your wife will do her best to help you make the vision come to pass if you include her in this project; make her feel like she’ a part of the team.

-Be ambitious
In other words, be a “go getter.” Your wife will find you irresistible if you’re not only talking about your future but taking the steps necessary to bring it to fruition. Be consistent and keep fighting for your dreams.

-Be a man of integrity
In baseball, the key to hitting a home run is following through with your swing. In life, you must learn how to follow through with your words. When you tell your family that you’re going to do something, don’t waste your words! If it comes out of your mouth then they should be able to take those words to the bank.

Taking these steps will solidify your role as the leader of your home. Remember husband: your wife will follow if you lead.


Shon Hyneman

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