Reasons Why Some Women Can’t Keep a Good Man

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My last blog I wrote about reasons why some men can’t keep a good woman. It’s only fair that I put the shoe on the other foot right? Before I go any further I want my sisters to know that all men are dogs (but there’s a difference between a trained dog and a wild mutt. A trained dog obey his master; his master being God). That’s why it’s important the guy you choose to be with and marry has a personal relationship with the Lord and has conviction of the heart when he wants to do something ungodly. Oh, I forgot to mention before you talk about all the issues men have, did you forget you have issues too?

When someone steps outside the relationship and cheat, most people assume it’s the man, and in some cases it’s true. The only difference between men and women cheating is that women don’t get caught.

Unfortunately, many of our young women grow up hearing the same thing about men that’s been passed down from generation to generation using phrases like there’s a shortage of good men, men aren’t faithful and never trust a man. Could it be that our mothers and grandmothers who passed these phrases down to you maybe didn’t have a good man either?

If mom and grandma are having bad experiences with men, why would they have anything good to say about men to you? Just because you had one bad relationship with a man doesn’t mean all men are bad. If you had a bad experience at a restaurant where the food was bad doesn’t mean you give up on eating.

Our young girls are raised on Disney movies (no disrespect to Disney, I’m using an example) where the knight in shining armor will rescue her and take away every worry. After growing up and seeing these fairy tales, by the time she fifteen she’s looking for this knight in shining armor who really doesn’t exist. After spending years of chasing this dream she goes into every relationship with the expectation that maybe he’s the one I been dreaming of since I was a little girl. Heartbreak after heartbreak because of fairytale expectations, some women revert to the old adage there aren’t any good men and some women choose to be with another woman because she refuse to be hurt again by another man. Here are three reasons why some women can’t keep a good man:

-Can’t control her tongue: Nothing turns a man off faster than a woman who says whatever and whenever she feels like it. I’m not saying she can’t express herself verbally, but some women know how to use the right words to make him feel like a redhead stepchild. How can you expect him to treat you like a queen and you talk to him like a peasant?

-Too independent: Some women will compete with her man to prove she can do whatever he can and feel she can do it better. There’s nothing wrong with a woman having her own car, house, and business. But if she get into a relationship with a man and try to act as if she doesn’t need his assistance and support, then you will lose him. Every man wants to be needed by his wife or significant other.

-Trust issues/Past hurts: If your husband or significant other says something to you and it hurts because an ex-boyfriend used to say it to you, there’s a problem. Could it be you aren’t healed from a past relationship? Could it be you are bringing hurt into a new relationship hoping your new significant other or spouse will fix the hurt? Sure, your significant other or husband can help with the healing, but he can’t fix you from the past hurt. Not being honest about being hurt from men and maybe a father who wasn’t there can cause serious trust issues. Your husband or significant other can’t fill the void daddy left when you were a little girl. Only God can do that, not a relationship with a man.



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