Single Parents and the Dating Process

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Single parentThe question I’m always asked whenever I teach a singles class is, “How do I date someone when I have small children at home?” My first piece of advice is to ask the person you’re in relationship with if they have any issues dating someone with children.  If that person doesn’t want to date you because you have children with someone else, it’s okay; they just weren’t the right one for you.



Secondly, please don’t expose your children to someone that you’re dating on the rebound.  Because the children are already dealing with mom and dad not being together, letting them see you with the “man or woman of the month” is not a good idea. The children need consistency from ONE person, and constantly bringing people in and out of your home will undermine that effort.

Now if you’re engaged to be married, then it’s okay for your fiancé to meet your children.  Let them interact and spend time together so that the children fully understand that you will be marrying this person. Children who come from broken homes are prone to having issues with abandonment, and inconsistency in your dating life now will adversely affect their future dating relationships. Take this seriously and keep in mind that our children don’t remember what we say, they remember what we do.

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Shon Hyneman

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