Societal Vultures

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fingerprint-Identity“Every human being, created in the image of God, is endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator—individuality, power to think and to do. The men in whom this power is developed are the men who bear responsibilities, who are leaders in enterprises, and who influence character.” (Ellen White, Mind, Character, And Personality Volume 2, Pg 423)



Many of us have fallen prey to what I like to call “Societal Vultures”. Now, what in the world is a Societal Vulture? Well, that’s a good question. These are the Vultures of society that prey on the flesh of the morally weak. That prey on the minds of the untrained youth. That prey on the vision of success within the upcoming generation. That feed on all that is necessary for proper growth and alimentation within the lives of each and every student that fall victim to it’s already planned route of destruction.

These vultures have found a way to eliminate all knowledge of the power of individuality that we all possess. We have the power to think for ourselves. We have the power to do. 

 Thus commences my Senior year in University. I have learned a significant amount about these societal vultures, and only desire to illuminate their existence, and place warning flags in their vicinity. I’m observing the increase of conformity within our educational institutions (more specifically in the social community found on campus). When one particular element of fashion is projected into our society, we automatically (and sometimes even unconsciously) adopt those elements into our lives in order to construct what we then present to other members within our own society as constituents of who we are. Because it’s what society deems as “in” “acceptable” or “tolerable”, we then conform to those practices Unquestioningly. Not only in regards to the fashion sense, (though I do believe that this shapes our minds in more ways than we can even fathom) but also through the political lens as well. We believe what we do because it was projected to us in a specific manner, through biased opinions and preconceived notions. And again, we do this Unquestioningly.

Realizing that we are trapped in the pen of conformity places us in a position where we can then figure out that the need to escape is necessary, and essential to our survival. But we also need to realize that we probably might need a little bit of saving as well. Rescue, you say? From what?


Often times, we are our own enemies. WE willingly subject OURSELVES to being the perfect candidate to be preyed upon by Societal Vultures.

With each and every ideal we adopt through the brainwashing elements of our environment and all that we are subjected to, we lose bits and pieces of ourselves. Unfortunately for us, if we allow ourselves to live in such extreme conditions long enough, we’ll ultimately lose the very essence of what makes us, us.

We lose sight of our morals. We lose sight of our values. We lose sight of our place in society, and we also lose courage.

The courage to stand. The courage to speak out against what we feel to be unfair, unjust, and simply degrading. We lose our ability to think for ourselves.

The power of individuality opens the treasure chest of uniqueness. In uniqueness we find strength, and in strength, courage to do just what God intends us to do whether or not that means making our society uncomfortable by speaking on behalf of the One who bears all truth.

So to all my College and University colleagues out there take hold of this power of individuality. Or choose to forever live as a drone under the penetrating eye of those Societal Vultures. Only when we break free will we then be able to see the advancing effects of reform.


Stay groovy, keep kickin’.




Aldavina is a Religious Education major at Oakwood University. Connect with Aldavina and her blog

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*Opening Source: Ellen White, Mind, Character, And Personality Volume 2, Pg 423

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