Stop waiting on Boaz

Stop Waiting For Boaz

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“I’m 30+, single and FABULOUS!”

This sounds like a catch phrase for a dating site doesn’t it?  If you decide to use it, at least give me credit…please and thank you!  *insert laugh* In all seriousness though, it took me a long time to become okay with being the big “S” (SINGLE).  I mean really single – which in my opinion is much more than the absence of a “boo/bae”- but to also be emotionally free from people in your past.  Let’s be clear, I desire marriage but I refuse to settle for meaningless dates, the “let’s chill” syndrome or being a long term girlfriend.  (Gosh, I have grown.)  Nevertheless, I am thoroughly enjoying the single life NOW, while pursuing my passion and loving every minute of it!

Shon Hyneman, one of my favorite G+ personalities, recently posted a video with the caption Stop waiting for Boaz to knock on your door!  Go and enjoy your life while single.”  He noted that there are plenty of places where singles can meet people.  Shon urged singles to stop waiting until they are married to LIVE – and I totally agree.  He also encouraged viewers to read 1 Corinthians 7.  I did and these are the points that stood out:


  • Marriage is a beautiful thing in the sight of God and should not be taken lightly. There’s more to it than sexual fulfillment.  You have to be able to communicate with this person on all levels, make life changing decisions (ie have children with, possibly relocate, etc) and despite the many things you both go through in life, honor each other and still keep God first.  As a single person, if I want to pack up and move to Hawaii next week, I have that privilege without hesitation.


  • Marriage isn’t bliss 24/7 and you won’t always agree but you both have to be determined to uphold your vows and come into agreement. If you do disagree, you must do so with love because if not, you give room for the enemy to come in and sow discord.  As a single person, I don’t have anyone to disagree with in my home.  However, the vow that I am required to uphold is to live holy unto the Lord.


  • In marriage, you are “bound” to another person. This reminds me of the scripture, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3).  As a single person, you only have to be concerned with yourself and please the Lord.  Married couples also have to please the Lord but let’s say your husband/wife wants to have family time on a Wednesday night but you want to go to Bible Study?  Is this ground for an argument or do you compromise?  Again, as a single person, you can come and go as you please and not be concerned with checking in with someone.  Being the shoe lover that I am, if I want to spend all my money on shoes, then I can do so and not have to sneak them in the house hidden underneath the groceries!


Whether married or unmarried, you are to embrace where you are (1 Corinthians 7:7) If you are married, appreciate your spouse and do all you can to honor them and honor God so that God will get the glory.  Likewise, if you are single, embrace your singleness and allow the Lord to use you so that He will get the glory!  The bible clearly states that you are not defined by your status, but that God defines you.



Ladies, there is a man of God out there who is willing to treat you as the queen you are – but will he find you pining away for him or still love sick over the ex that wronged you?  Fellas, there is a woman of God out there willing to treat you like the King you are – but are you ready for her because she isn’t like the rest?


In closing, precious singles, there is a life to be lived and it is yours!  You don’t want to be married and look back on your days of singlehood in regret so L-I-V-E!

L –learn who you are

I – invest in you & inspire others

V – know the value of your self-worth

E – explore every opportunity for growth.

I am certain your future mate will appreciate you for this and most importantly, you will be glad you did!

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