T.I.M.E. (This I Manage Everyday)

T.I.M.E. (This I Manage Everyday)

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There are two words that I believe every Christian should know, and it will help them understand why certain things happened to them or why things turned out the way they did. The word time in Hebrew means:


  • CHRONOS- The passing moments without any moral impact as to the opportunity and accomplishment in that time. Chronos has only length, not challenge of accomplishment as Kairos.

An example of Chronos is: You start working at a job at nineteen and over the course of time you have gotten comfortable. Fast forward ten years later, you still work there and being comfortable and you know your job, everyone knows you, you know the company inside out. Through those ten years working there the question is what have you accomplished there? What have you gained besides experience? Have this job taken you to where you wanted to go in life? Besides picking up a check, have you impacted anyone or anything since you been there? That is Chronos; passing moments without any moral impact. I don’t know what the singer thought when he sung “Time is on my side.” Last time I checked the clock does not wait on anyone.

  • KAIROS- Season, time. Implies that which time gives an opportunity to do. Kairos implies not the convenience of the season, but the necessity of the task at hand whether the time provides a good, convenient opportunity or not. “CHRONOI” plural (Times) translated “seasons” times at which certain foreordained events take place or necessary accomplishments need to take place.

An example of Kairos is a young man who starts off playing football at the age of eight. As time goes on, he continues to play football throughout junior high, high school, and continues to play football in college. As time went by the young man stuck with playing football and continued to sharpen his skills through not giving up on his dream to play in the NFL.  Because he was a good steward of his time by sticking to his dream, he becomes a first round draft choice in the NFL. He operated in Kairos. Regardless of the circumstances he stuck to what he loved, and in due season the time he put in paid off by being drafted in the NFL.

Remember I gave you the acronym for T.I.M.E. (This I Manage Everyday) Remember, we cannot stop Chronos but it is up to us to operate in Kairos.

Other examples of time (Chronos/Kairos) are:

  • Internet surfing all day. Are you looking for information to make you wiser or are you just surfing to past time? –Chronos


  • After you get off of work, every day you come home and your ultimate goal is to watch T.V. (There is nothing wrong with watching television, but don’t you have goals and dreams to achieve? Too much television is a big problem for those who struggle with procrastination.) –Chronos


  • You want to be a Doctor; so you go to school for years and you do much studying so you can be the best Doctor you can be; while others are watching television, or partying, or on the telephone all day  –Kairos



  • Someone who has wealth and a big house and we wonder how is it that they have these things and we don’t. That person more than likely operated in Kairos while we operated in Chronos.


  • Putting thirty minutes aside everyday for your vision and future –Kairos


Time is more important than money. Use your time wisely

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