The Skewed Societal Image of a Woman

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Dear Women:

Ask yourself: “What am I doing to encourage, increase, and build up young women as they journey into womanhood?”


“If she has it, I’ve got to have it, too!”

Let’s be honest ladies, has this thought ever crossed your mind? We can even take this a step deeper. Sisters, has this statement ever come from your mouth?


As women within modern society, it appears that many of us are not able to find, or create, a group (3 or more) of authentic, healthy friends who are women. Have we thought about the reasons behind this?


I have prayed over this several times, and each instance I have been led back to the same responses: competition, expectation, intimidation, or a combination of these three elements. We compete with other women because we feel as if we are more qualified than they are.


We often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others, and when we (or they) do not live up to these standards we take offence. We can be a little self-righteous don’t you think? The other struggle is being intimidated, coerced, or pressed into doing something because others have done it, but you haven’t.


Yes, peer pressure still exits into and through adulthood. This can relate to anything from earning a degree, moving into your own home, having a career, getting married, having a baby, you name whatever “it” is for you. Sometimes. Often times, rather, we are interfering with our own ability to embody an authentic, healthy group of women.


Again, I ask why, as women, are we so driven to wanting or trying to take what belongs to someone else? Biblically speaking, this is called coveting. As we gain more worldly experience (as we age), this either becomes less of a problem for us as we decide that we will no longer tolerate the pettiness, or more of a problem because we are still allowing ourselves to be defined by the skewed, unhealthy, insulting societal standards that describe us as women.


Some of us think are in the clear because these issues have become less of a problem for us; however, we are happily mistaken seeing as there are still way too many women who are bound by these unhealthy standards and expectations. This means that we are ALL in at risk.


Fortunately, we have a solution. The solution stems from the principles we encompass as we journey alongside young women between ages 8-24 as they turn potential problem into satisfying and successful opportunities through a faith-infused organization called discoverHer Life Coaching, LLC. Through discoverHer, the life coaches generate a more thriving and impactful experience for young women.


We help our young women to navigate difficult seasons of life as it exists within their contexts. This include giving them a voice and hearing their thoughts and feedback regarding things that matter to them. Rather than rooting things on option, which has very little substance, we walk with them through ways to root their views on facts and evidence. discoverHer creates for the young women a sisterhood to belong to.



These spaces for adolescents statistically are extremely low, and at the same time, this is their primary concern, belonging in a space where they get to flesh out their autonomy amongst their peers and be validated by more experience women who lead healthy lifestyles.


At this point, you may be asking what dLC’s influence has to do with you. There is a need. A huge need to shift the views of current culture. We need to demonstrate for our young women the significance of being allies with one another instead of competing for the attention of boys and unhealthy and unrealistic relationships. It is past time to break this cycle.


This means that parents need to come together with advocates such as discoverHer Life Coaching and other organizations to take the first steps. No matter where we are in life, we can benefit from recalibrating and refreshing our perspectives. In order to experience and model a healthy group of women, we are expected to be honest, consistent, authentic, willing, accountable, distinctive, and intentional. As we contribute to the success of other women, we must modify our lifestyles and live according to realistic standards that exemplify healthy and authentic relationships for young women.


Our call to action is for each and every woman to join us, the countless women, who are already working to tear down and rebuild the skewed societal image of a woman and what she represents. Understand that though she may be your daughter, it take a village. So, let us journey with you.


I will leave you with this,

“Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances”

-Maya Angelou


It starts with you!


Margot Brisky

Margot Brisky, Founder and Lead Lifestyle Coach with DiscoverHer Life Coaching, LLC., is an international author, well-respected keynote speaker, and international women and youth coach. Margot's purpose is to journey alongside women as they learn to navigate through their seasons of life. She exposes the opportunities for necessary lifestyle change through empowering others. Margot is regarded as a pillar across the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, as well as several cities across the nation. Margot is committed to helping individuals refresh their life visions and turn potential problems into satisfying and successful opportunities. Her company is dedicated to equipping women to become WHO they need in life by taking action through empowerment and allowing their selves to heal whereby their life purposes are ignited! Connect with A. Margot Brisky or DiscoverHer Life Coaching, LLC.