Is There Such a Thing As a Soul Mate?

Is There Such a Thing As a Soul Mate?

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The notion of a “soul mate” is actually pretty ancient. Well over two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato surmised that a perfect human being was tragically split in two, resulting in a race of creatures sentenced to spend the rest of their lives searching for that missing other who can complete them.

Is there such a thing as a soul mate?  After much study, I wrestled with this concept. I thought about Adam and Even in the garden and they must have been the perfect example of soul mates right? (I also think about there weren’t many options either, except for the animals….hahaha! Let me stop) But then I thought about the fall in the garden and how everything has been marred until Jesus comes back. Then I thought about we all have free will. We can marry who we choose right? If couples get married and claim to have found their soul mate, what happens when adversity arrives and the marriage deteriorate then eventually divorce? I thought they found their soul mate? Soul mates don’t divorce right?

As I read 1 Corinthians chapter seven, I believe Paul was more in favor of staying single. Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a wonderful thing that God created but I think being single is just as great!  I’m speaking as a husband who is married to the same woman over twelve years and counting; I was once single and saved so I get it. People who tend to look for soul mates end relationships quick when adversity arrive because they feel if they found their “soul mate” they wouldn’t have as many problems so they stay on the quest for the “perfect one” i.e. soul mate. No relationship is perfect; we all have shortcomings and idiosyncrasies that can drive our spouse crazy!

Let’s be more concerned about making right choices and using wisdom than trying to “fulfill our destiny” as if we were watching a Disney movie and looking for the storybook ending. Instead of praying to God for your soul mate, ask Him to give you discernment and instead of looking for the right one, why not BE the right one?  Gary Thomas, author of the book The Sacred Search once said if we have a sole mate then we should walk through the ups and downs of life together. If you do believe in a soul mate, realize that he/she will bring a certain amount of baggage into the relationship, but it’s alright because you might have brought double the amount and they still love you (smile).

I think the term soul mate has people on a mission to find a mystical person that doesn’t exist. Marriage isn’t about how compatible you are, it’s how you deal with incompatibility.  Marriage is one of the ways God show us how to love the same person unconditionally for a lifetime with flaws and all. Isn’t that how He loves us? What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment below



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