3 Reasons Why a Father Should Be His Daughter First Date

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A father who loves his daughter will set the standard for her ¬†future husband I remember as a teenager learning from the guys in my neighborhood how to “be a player” and be smooth with the ladies. As I write this blog (and even somewhat embarrassed about my past) one thing I was taught that it’s easier to get women who didn’t have a father in the home. At the time I didn’t fully understand why but since I seen my peers and older guys “win” with the ladies, I would follow their advice. As I got older and had some “women under my belt” I got better with wooing the ladies. I became so good that the women I dated mothers thought I was the perfect gentleman! Actually I was the wolf in sheep clothing who wanted to have MY way with women. I was working, had my own car, apartment and no children.

Once the women I dated told their mothers about me and my status, they automatically thought I was the right one for their daughter after I met her mother in person. I would show up to their home with flowers for my date and her mother. I stayed well-groomed and neat in appearance. There was a pattern I became all to familiar with: since the women I dated mothers liked me, they would ask me for advice about their current relationship because the mothers still had man issues and in some way wish their boyfriends was somewhat like me.

One day I met my match. I dated a girl whose Father was present in the home. I really liked her and she invited me over for thanksgiving dinner. It was the challenge of my young adult life! Her father would ask me questions like “Do you have a five-year plan? Where do you work? Do you plan on marrying my daughter?” He put me in my place that night and made me see how important a father’s presence is in his daughter’s life. Come to find out later on that he was her stepfather! (that’s another message on blended families) He protected her from guys like me because he automatically knew my intentions with his daughter. I tell you this story to make a point. When a father is present in the home, it make guys think twice about stepping foot on his property to ask his daughter on a date. A father is a protector and not easily swayed by his emotions. When he plays an active role in his daughter life it makes all the difference how she view men. Let me give you three reasons why a father should be his daughter first date:

-It Will Show Her What to Expect During a Date When he takes his daughter on a date, he want her to dress respectfully, take her to a classy restaurant, open her car door, pull out her seat at the table and let her order whatever she want. Then they will have good conversation and he will pick up the bill. Once they return home he will let her know that if anyone don’t treat her like the way he did tonight, he’s not worth your time


-It Will Show Her Worth As I showed above in the first step why wouldn’t she feel valuable? She has someone who loves her (dad) set the example. We always chase what makes us feel good, so that is what she will look for. Unfortunately too many of our young women don’t have that example so they are vulnerable to a man and the way he treat her on a date


-It Forces Him (her date) to Come Right or Don’t Come at All His daughter now see what to expect on a date so she won’t settle for less. If her date pulls up honking his horn and fifteen minutes late, she will send him back home!


Shon Hyneman

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