Three reasons why you remain his girlfriend not his wife

3 reasons why you remain his girlfriend not his wife

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Have you ever dated a guy year after year and wondered why he never proposed to you? This is the question that goes through millions of women minds across the country that is currently in these types of relationships. Since I’m a man and know how men feel about what makes you marriage material, I feel it’s my responsibility as your big brother to help single ladies dying to know what am I doing wrong?

Can I be honest with you? A man may not marry someone who’s made a name for herself through some sexual act that everyone knows about. That “everyone” is the people he’s in close proximity to such as friends, coworkers and family members. There is an exception to every rule, but why take the chance? This is one small reason why it’s important to keep yourself sexually pure until marriage. A man wants a woman that very few know sexually if any. In this age of social media and recorded videos, the last thing you need is an ex-boyfriend leak a video (the two of you having sex) and your reasoning is “I was madly in love with him at the time would do anything to keep him.”

Don’t get me wrong, some women are ok with staying his girlfriend because they are afraid to make the commitment themselves. Maybe they seen mom and dad divorce and it broke their heart and since then made the decision to stay single no matter the circumstance because marriage is too risky.

Here are three reasons why you will remain his girlfriend and not his wife

Living together: Research indicates that people who live together prior to getting married are more likely to have marriages that end in divorce. The Boston Herald

Most people believe the lie that if we live together before marriage, I will know what I’m getting into and I can make the decision whether or not to stay with this person. The problem is a man will grow tired of you faster because he’s used to having sex on the regular and all his immediate needs met. The same thing applies to honeymoon night. It won’t be worth the wait because the excitement is gone. You will remain his girlfriend…

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You give away too much too soon: While dating, he’s driving your car, have access to your apartment and everything else from the bedroom to the bank account. Many times women give away too much too soon because she’s afraid she will lose him so she goes above and beyond any woman from his past has ever done for him. You will remain his girlfriend…

You are accessible all the time: Learn to be mysterious sometimes. He shouldn’t have access to you around the clock. If he calls, you don’t always have to answer. It will show him that you have a life of your own and it will make him pursue you harder. The issue with some women is soon as he calls your phone, you answer on the first ring! Make him work to earn your presence and he will appreciate the time you spend together. This is probably the most overlooked step women miss, but if you ignore this principle you will remain his girlfriend…


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