Three Things Your Marriage Can Learn From The San Antonio Spurs

Three Things Your Marriage Can Learn From The San Antonio Spurs

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The San Antonio Spurs done it again. This is the fifth time in fifteen years they won a NBA Championship. I’m not a big fan of the Spurs but how can you not like San Antonio “big three?” You won’t find Ginobili, Parker, or Duncan showboating on the basketball floor, they will simply beat you by playing as a team. The difference between San Antonio big three and Miami big three is the longevity. During their run together in San Antonio, Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have won four titles. Think about how heartbreaking it was for the Spurs to lose to the Heat in last year NBA Finals considering the age of the big three in San Antonio.

Not only did San Antonio make it back to the NBA Finals this year but had to face Miami again. San Antonio was a year older and Miami was the reigning champs. Can you imagine fighting all season long to make it to the championship and find out you are facing the team that beat you last year? What happens when most marriages keep running into the same problems year after year? They give up and the marriage becomes another statistic for divorce.  After last season championship loss San Antonio could have broken up the team, and I could see why. What made them come back again as the same team from last year to endure an arduous eighty-two game season? Let alone the playoffs, maybe the Finals?


The Spurs was so close to winning last year but lost. Did your marriage take any losses last year and you wanted to quit? Will you be determined to come back and fight for your marriage despite a long difficult season? Many marriages end in divorce thinking “If I can get some better help from another player” then we can win. As you can see with San Antonio, it’s not about getting another player, but having the determination to win with what you have. The big three in San Antonio came back again to make one more push and they did it! Think about your marriage, you have the “big three” on your team as well:

God, your spouse and you

Here are three things your marriage can learn from the San Antonio Spurs:

Teamwork is everything: Notice that San Antonio played together. Whoever had the hot hand is who got the ball. First it was Kawhi Leonard, then Manu Ginobili, then Patty Mills. You are thinking who are these guys? Exactly. Marriage is not about our own selfish needs but what works best for the family as a unit.

You don’t need “a better team” you need a different strategy: As I stated earlier, the Spurs lost to the same team last year. During the off-season they didn’t go out and sign any big name free agents. What made the difference this year? Determination and strategy. You don’t need to divorce your spouse, you need a different strategy. The things that worked for you ten years ago might not work now.  Remember your spouse is a moving target, they either progressing or regressing.

Stick to the fundamentals: The Spurs pass the ball to the open teammate. Tim Duncan still shoots bank shots off the glass. Most of their players shoot mid-range jump shots. Nothing flashy, but sticking to the fundamentals. Always use love and respect as fundamentals for your marriage (read Ephesians 5:22-33). When you get away from these, the marriage slowly drifts away. Thanks for being the example San Antonio!  Feedback is greatly appreciated

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