What Are The REAL Benefits of Marrying a Christian Man or Woman?

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Real ChristiansMarrying a Christian is beneficial in many ways. For example, when your spouse has a healthy fear of God, you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you.  Love alone isn’t enough to prevent infidelity, because people can be in love one minute and out of love the next. The main reason I have not cheated on my wife is because I FEAR GOD. She knows that, therefore she can trust that I’m not doing anything suspicious when I’m not in her presence.




Also, if you’re saved, you can go to God in prayer concerning issues that you’re struggling with. Your spouse can also pray on your behalf and get God’s Attention.  God answers prayers, and it’s an awesome privilege to be able to go to the Creator of the universe to help you and your spouse overcome troublesome situations.


Another benefit of marrying a REAL Christian is that you and your spouse won’t be in a constant power struggle.  You will each know and operate in your God-given role as a husband or a wife, and there will only be one set of rules in your house: the Bible. Non-believers’ marriages don’t flow smoothly because the husband thinks things should go one way, and the wife thinks things should go another way. God’s commands for running a household are completely disregarded. This results in constant fighting because the spouses disagree on what is right, and they’re each trying to benefit the most while sacrificing the least. I am in no way belittling anyone else and what they believe. I am just telling you that through Christ my eight years of marriage has been wonderful and I want to share my joy with you!


Shon Hyneman

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