What Makes Your Relationship Hard to Ease on Down The Road?

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Ease on down, ease on down the road! Don’t you carry nothing that might be a load….

Are you carrying someone in a relationship that’s a load? 

Don’t you just love The Wiz? It was great seeing the play on NBC, yet I love the original with Diana Ross and the late Michael Jackson. While my family and I watched the play, there were issues The Wiz addressed I felt my “ooh that will preach” moments. 

Besides Dorothy wanting to go back home, what I found interesting are the people she was surrounded by. She meets The Scarecrow who doesn’t have a brain, a Lion who lacks courage, and The Tin Man who doesn’t have a heart. 

Are you dating someone who lacks one of these traits? Maybe you are dating someone who lacks all three and like Dorothy who spends a lot of her time trying to build up these three people she met. 

One thing I really like about The Tin Man, The Lion, & The Scarecrow is they admit their frailties. This is key when dating someone over an extended amount of time. Those who don’t see their faults can wreck havoc on a relationship. When arguments  occur, you will always be at fault because your significant other can’t see their frailities.

I did a YouTube video on how to play injured. What I mean by playing injured is when your significant other can keep it real about your personal issues without you throwing in the towel and giving up on the relationship. When we can admit these issues, we can work through them (if the issues aren’t hazardous) and “ease on down the road together.” 

Many of us go into relationships (I’m guilty of this as well) like The Lion, The Tin Man, & The Scarecrow: No Courage, No Heart, & No Brain.

Here’s 3 Reasons That Make Your Relationship Hard to Ease on Down The Road 

No Courage:

When we go into a relationship, we rarely discuss boundaries. Why? Because we want to show our significant other how much we truly “love them” so we take away those boundaries and over time, we are pushed way beyond our boarders. We wake up one morning wondering “how did I end up here?” 

There are things we said we would never do in a relationship, but because we lack the courage to say “no” and take a stand on certain things because we want to show our significant other “there’s no boundaries on my love for you” 

When we don’t have the courage to say no, sometimes people can take advantage of us.

No Heart:

Sometimes we go into relationships not fully healed from the last one. Author Gary Thomas who wrote the book The Sacred Search says, “Don’t count on a new relationship to heal an old one.” Someone from a past relationship may have hurt us so bad, like The Tin Man, that we no longer have a heart. 

Proverbs 4:23 says 

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Are you giving away your heart to anyone who makes you feel good? Giving your heart away for instant gratification? Just like the hole in the wall, we put a picture frame over it to have a good outward appearance to those who walk by us. 

Once God starts to do some “rearranging” in our personal life, we are forced to remove the picture frame and deal with the hole in the wall. 

No Brain:

When we give ourselves to someone sexually who we aren’t married to, we not only take off our clothes, but we take off our brain as well. When others who are close to us try to help us see that a relationship is toxic and we should exit, we are defensive and then label those who try to help us as “haters.” 

*Singing* If I only had a brain…..

God gave us a brain for a reason. To use it! Some people are so manipulative when it comes to dating, they understand that if I can get in your brain, everything else will follow. That’s why my wife and I did a video on dating with discernment. When you use discernment, you’re able to see past the games people play when dating. 

When you ease on down the road to seek God, He will restore those things that people have taken away from you.

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