Why Did God Reserve Sex For Marriage?

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It’s in music, it’s on billboards, and it’s used to sell products. As the all-too-common saying goes, “sex sells.” Advertisers know to use it to lure men to buy products and watch certain television shows to boost ratings.

What’s the big deal about sex? Everyone is having it, right? I want to tell you that God created sex for a husband and wife to enjoy. God knows how important sex is and that is why he reserved it for marriage only.

God created sex for procreation (within marriage) and intimacy between husbands and wives. It’s wonderful when married couples have sex because because the man and woman are making a covenant by becoming “one” in spirit.

That’s why the longer two people are married the more they look alike; the husband and wife are making love on a regular basis. After being married a couple of years, you will start to adopt your spouse’s habits and vocabulary because the two of you are now “one.”

Unmarried couples who have sex also become “one” in spirit (1 Cor. 6:16) Your body will continue to call out for a person that you’ve had sex with even after the relationship has ended.

This can lead you to act out of character and compromise your morals just to be with the person who made you “feel good.” Now you can’t imagine living without this person because you gave them something that only your spouse should have. Does that sound familiar? You should only feel those strong desires for your spouse, not a boyfriend who can leave you at any given moment.

The strong feelings that develop from having sex do not discriminate: they will arise whether your partner is a good person or a bad person. From the beginning of time God knew the seriousness of sex and the effect that it would have on the human soul.



Shon Hyneman

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