Why We Need an Accountability Partner

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Most adults feel they don’t need an accountability partner because they are grown. If that’s truth why so many adults make childish mistakes? We can easily sell ourselves on doing what we feel is right (even if it’s wrong).

In our arsenal we have excuse on top of excuse to justify our wrongdoing once we are caught.

We try to justify cheating on our spouse, lying on our taxes, or treating someone less than respecting. People will tell you they fear God, yet do the exact opposite of what His Word says.

We all have a sinful nature and if we obey sin, we are headed down the wrong direction. No one knows yourself better than you. We know right from wrong, but what always feel good to you isn’t always good for you. Enter your accountability partner.

Most people aren’t ok with an accountability partner because it requires them to be…accountable. Don’t get me wrong, having an accountability partner isn’t always easy because when I want to do wrong, I know I’ll have to answer to that person.

An accountability partner is someone who:

-Aren’t afraid to speak the truth

-A trusted friend. Someone who knows the real you.

-Someone who walks in integrity.

If you are like me, I can be selfish or want to do the wrong thing. Yes, I do fear God but if I step out of line, I know I have immediate consequences from my accountability partners.

God will deal with me in His timing and I’m grateful for His grace. We can’t do this life alone without others and you have to be willing to let someone in your personal life if you want to maintain your sanity.

Every person is their own island

Today we live in an age where everyone is secretive. We share so much on social media, yet no one really knows who we are. We love to look the part, yet there are internal struggles. Every person is their own island. What I mean by this is neighbors no longer know each other. Our kids don’t know the next door neighbors kids so they spend more time on social media opposed to playing outside.

We rarely know our neighbors so we won’t let our kids go to their home. When I was growing up, everyone in the neighborhood knew each other and the parents were all accountable to each other. Our friend’s parents had the right to discipline us if we got out of line. This type of community could only be birthed through trust and accountability.

When held accountable, you think before you do

For those who aren’t accountable to anyone, they can care less about the outcome of a situation, good or bad. Ever watch the news and someone committed a horrendous act? Half the reason they commit those acts are the lack of accountability.

Daughters who have a father present in the home will hold her date accountable to have her back home by a certain time. Ninety-nine percent of the time her date (a guy) will honor that. Why?  Because he was held accountable.

Those who hold you accountable challenge you to a higher level and help you set healthy boundaries.

Helping you see outside yourself

When was the last time you told yourself no? When was the last time you considered someone else feelings? We are our own greatest salesperson when it comes to what we want (no matter the cost). When we have someone we are accountable to, they help us see outside ourselves and bring awareness to the big picture.

When we see the big picture, we have to be transparent about our personal struggles. This can be tough because we have to confess our weak places and vulnerabilities. I struggle in this area because of pride.

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed –James 5:16

Although I’ve made strides, it’s still tough hearing yourself tell your accountability partner about your frailties. Being transparent can be tough at first because you are wondering in your mind how this person will view you after exposing yourself.

That’s why your accountability partner should be a best friend or someone who isn’t judgmental and know how to extend grace.

Do you have an accountability partner? If not, why?

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Shon Hyneman

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