If He Won’t Commit, You Must Quit

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Have you seen a squirrel run in a two-way street and get hit by a car? I didn’t want to get graphic on you, but I’m going somewhere, stay with me. Why does it seem the squirrel rarely make it to the other side of the street? It’s not that the squirrels aren’t swift enough or not brave enough, but it’s his indecisiveness that costs him his life.

Have you heard the phrase study long, study wrong? When people used to tell me that as a young teen, I didn’t understand, but now I get it. In essence, the phrase deeper meaning is if you are taking too long to make a decision, your chances are greater to make the wrong decision. What about taking a test? When you first saw the question, you knew the answer, but multiple choices shattered your confidence and now chances are you might get the question wrong…

Alright Shon, can you hurry up and make your point? Yes! Indecisiveness is a potential relationship killer. Don’t get me wrong there are times we need to wait with patience and let time show a person true color. However, as a woman, if you are waiting for a guy to confirm a relationship, he might be setting you up like the squirrel. If a man decides he wants to date you exclusively, he will be the initiator. No doubt in his mind.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways –James 1:8

Whatever a man wants, he goes after. Ladies, if he isn’t texting you on the regular or calling you, he might not be interested. He might just want to be a friend, nothing more than that. Sure, he might have been a good man, but he wasn’t your man. Don’t you want the one God has for you? Sometimes counterfeits may come and that’s why discernment is important. Unfortunately, some of my sisters believe they can expedite the relationship by giving away too much too soon. It’s really the exact opposite.

Here are three things you might want to consider


A relationship is only valid if they are mutually agreed upon

If you make an assumption the two of you are together, when in reality you’re not, you can feel misused and disrespected. This comes with having sex. Some women believe if they give of themselves physically to a man, or give a sexual favor, this makes the relationship valid. If he has to have sex with you to make the relationship valid, you are moving way too fast and the relationship will crash and burn. Tell him to marry you first and see how fast he moves out your life.



Indecisiveness Drains You Emotionally

Wondering if or when he will make the relationship official is stressful and draining. Who has time for that? Men are very simple creatures. Either we want you or not. If he can keep you in-between it’s because he got what he needed from you already. He might come back for seconds and thirds because you are always available. You aren’t going anywhere. He got you!


A man wants a woman with confidence  

Ladies, ever wonder why the man you desired ended up being with a woman you know you look better than? It was more than her looks, it was her confidence. The confident woman knows her worth without a man. She isn’t putting her life on hold, hoping for prince charming.


Don’t get me wrong, most of us desire to be with someone who will do life with us through the storm and the rain. It’s nothing wrong with that. But giving yourself completely to a man to the point you lose yourself is not healthy (especially if he have in the waiting process). If he won’t commit, you must quit *in my Johnnie Cochran voice*


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