Yes, Dad, You Are Important

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FatherFathers are important because they are the protectors of the home. Children living in fatherless homes are vulnerable to being hurt physically and mentally by predatory people. If you have daughters, your presence is crucial because most boys who are interested in dating them will stay away from your home if they have to meet you. When your daughter says to her boyfriend, “You need to meet my dad,” he automatically knows that he must impress you because you know what he wants from her. That boy will have to show your daughter respect because he doesn’t want to get in trouble with you.

When you’re in the home, your sons will have someone to identify with as they grow up. Once they begin to mature, become attracted to girls, and have sexual thoughts, you can help them get through those tough times. It’s difficult for a mother to raise her son by herself; when he starts to feel sexual, he will learn from his friends about sex if you aren’t there. Also, the way you interact with their mother will teach your son how to respect women and set the standard for how your daughter will expect to be treated by young men once she starts dating. You are vital to the growth and mental development of your children because you provide the essential elements of protection, order, discipline, and respect. Never let anyone tell you, “We don’t need you,” or, “We’ll be okay without you,” because that’s a lie. Fathers, you are needed and appreciated!


Shon Hyneman

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